There are no shipping charges when your order is above $50 USD.  If your order is below the $50 USD then you need to pay $5.50 per delivery.  We currently only provide deliveries in the continental USA.  We hope to expand our service worldwide in the near future.

Most all of our deliveries take 5-7 days from the date of your order.  Some are even faster, depending on your location.

In the event that there is a delay from the manufacturer, you will be notified immediately.  You will also be provided the necessary information to track your order’s progress.

After placing and paying for your order, you simply sit back and wait for the parcel to arrive at your door.  We handle the entire process behind the scenes so you have nothing else to do.  Enjoy your product(s) when the package arrives.


The payment takes real-time.  The processing time is the same as when you make any purchase at any store, online or at a physical location.

A wishlist is exactly what it appears to be.  You can shop and “mark” your favorite products without adding them to your cart. You then have your own private wishlist that you can view or shop from whenever you like.  You can select items from your wishlist at any time and move them to your cart for purchase.  You can also check or update your wishlist 24/7 to monitor the status of your favorite products.

If you notice that your product has been mishandled and is likely damaged upon receipt, do not even open it.  Contact us and report the situation.  We may ask you to provide photos for us to provide the shipper.  Once we have confirmation from them, we will provide you with the appropriate mailing address and procedure for returning the package.  We will gladly exchange the damaged product for a new one at no cost to you.

If we feel that although the outside package appears shoddy, but the interior contents may be fine, then we will request you to open the package for confirmation of the condition of the products.  Obviously, damaged products will follow the process outlined above and if the products are intact and unharmed then just simply enjoy your order.

Please note that no returns will be accepted because of buyer’s remorse.

If you change your mind shortly after placing your order, please contact us asap.  If we are able to reach the supplier before the order is packaged and shipped, then we will happily cancel your order and refund your money.

If you wish to add to your order, again, we will attempt to reach the supplier in time to combine all of the products to ship together.  You will be required, of course, to pay for the additional product(s).  If we do not reach them in time, you can still simply place a second order for the additional products.

Package Tracking is a feature we offer to our customers so that they can check on the status of their purchase.  Simply go to our  Order tracking page and follow the instructions.