Habit Hacks from the JSHealth Team

Did you know that nearly half of your day is driven by your habits? According to a study by Duke University, your habits are a powerful tool that account for about 40% of your behaviour on any given day1

It’s the small, consistent habits that truly make a world of difference. Today, I’m sharing the JSHealth team’s top productivity hacks to help you make the most of yours, whether it be at work or at home! From grounded morning routines to clever tips for managing your inbox, read on for our top tips to transform your daily grind with intention. 

Tip: Try “habit stacking,” which involves adding a new habit immediately before or after an established one. For example, if you already have a habit of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, stack a new habit of planning your day’s tasks while you sip your brew. This helps integrate productivity-boosting habits into your routine more seamlessly! 

Christine Belista, Copywriter

Tip: Carve out 30-minutes each morning before work just for ‘me-time’ and prioritise some form of movement. This helps me clear my head and means I’m not stressed about getting out later in the day if things pop up and the day gets too busy.

– Jess Horgan, Head of Marketing

Tip: Kickstart your morning with a short meditation. This not only sets the tone for a calm day ahead, but also amps up your ability to rein in wandering thoughts, zero in on tasks and make savvy decisions, resulting in heightened focus and productivity.

– Lolita Walters, Head of Copy & Editorial

Tip: Write your to-do list for the next day as your last task for the day. Not only does this help you to prioritize your tasks but it’s also the signal that the working day is over and it’s time to relax. Doing this definitely helps me wind down for the evening and sets me up for a productive day. 

– Victoria Wicks, Head of JSHealth Content

Tip: Go for a short walk at lunch time to break up the day and refresh your mind. Getting some sunshine and fresh air helps you to focus for the rest of the day.   

– Kelly Sank, Customer Care & Nourish Hub Team 

Tip: Try time blocking. I love setting time aside and adding urgent or lengthier tasks to my calendar so I have time specially allocated to completing those tasks… this could include a lunch time walk if that helps you power through the rest of the afternoon! Plan where you spend your precious hours.

– Caroline Jessett, Head of Growth

Tip: As soon as you think of something, whether it be an idea or something you need to follow up, write it down. I have a working notes sheet with all my tasks which I look at every day.

– Dean Steingold, CEO

Tip: If you are waiting on confirmations or action items via email, move the existing chain into a folder called ‘Monitoring’ – or whatever name you see fit. This tip has truly changed the game for me as an EA. I check the folder every afternoon, and it often prompts me to send follow ups and/or stay on track with my projects. My inbox has never looked better! 

– Brooke McCarthy, Executive Assistant 

Tip: A grounded morning routine gives me clarity and focus for the day ahead. Phone and social media are not really looked at until AFTER this healthy morning routine. Once I am at work, I ALWAYS clear my emails first thing in the morning before I dive into new tasks/creatives. A way of consolidating ideas and tasks with other team members is best done through meetings as opposed to ad hoc discussions or emails. This keeps me productive with my daily tasks and focusses. 

– Jessica Sepel, Founder 

Tip: If you start to feel overwhelmed or that your concentration is reducing, take a moment away from the task at hand and take 5 deep belly breaths. I try to do this a few times a day to reset my nervous system and focus.

– Megan Wearing, Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Tip: Manage your energy, not just your time! Learn what times of day you feel most energised and focus those hours on getting your most important tasks done, leaving the admin/menial tasks for times when you’re drained/have a little less brain power. This means you can prioritise with the most impact and smash out your to do list effectively.

– Steph Sambrook, Global Affiliates and Partnerships Manager

Tip: Avoid multitasking. Set priorities and time blocks for tasks in your calendar, leaving little openings for urgent tasks that pop up throughout the day. Understanding your biorhythms help when planning time/tasks to maximise your productivity peaks. 

– Jacinta Volpe, Finance Manager


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