My End of Year Switch Off

As we near the end of this year, I wanted to share some thoughts and express my deepest gratitude for each one of you being a part of our community.

Reflecting on 2023, some of us might label it as a challenging year while others may have found it truly fulfilling – or likely, a mix of everything! Regardless of where you stand, take a moment to acknowledge and be proud of how resiliently you navigated through it. You’ve grown wiser and stronger.

I wish you could feel my gratitude for all of you through these screens. Maybe you can sense it.

JSHealth began as a means for me to connect with like-minded women, also on the quest to discover the healthy life of balance. It started with books and evolved into vitamins, all driven by the same mission—to empower and support you to feel your absolute best. This is my calling, and I hold it so close to my heart.

Before anything else, JSHealth was a community –  and this fills me with immense pride.

Each year brings its own set of lessons and hurdles. Many in our community have expressed that this year felt mentally taxing, and if you resonate with that, know that you’re not alone.

As a nutritionist in the health industry, I’ve witnessed countless women sharing similar experiences throughout this year. But I firmly believe that every year delivers the precise lessons needed for our growth and resilience.

From adversity, blessings often emerge. The best things in my life – all of them – have sprung from adversity.

So, take a moment to honour and celebrate yourself this season. The inner strength and kindness within every member of this community never ceases to blow me away.

These qualities will always guide us forward.

Remember, you possess everything necessary to embrace the coming year. You’ll continue to show yourself just how resilient and extraordinary you truly are.

I’d like to share a practice my husband Dean and I do each year. We take two weeks off to switch off from work, emails, and social media to reset our minds and bodies. This ‘end of year mind break’ is truly game-changing for your emotional and physical wellbeing. I encourage you to give it a try too, and head into 2024 feeling ready for the adventure ahead! 


  1. Ease the Pressure: It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by the pressure to be constantly productive. However, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to slow down and learn to say ‘no’. Social pressure and feeling overwhelmed is a serious thing. Spending quality time with family and loved ones can be a source of comfort and joy. When considering commitments, always check in with yourself: will this uplift or deplete you? It’s perfectly okay to choose activities that nourish you. If it’s the latter, honour that and say no. 


  1. Rest is Essential: I firmly believe that the end of the year is an especially important time to prioritise rest. This sets the tone for a fresh and invigorating start to the new year. I encourage my team at JSHealth to take this to heart and use this time carefully to rest and actively care for their mental health. Remember, taking time off to rejuvenate your mind and body isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. 

Creating a calming and restorative nighttime routine with a bath and an early bedtime can do wonders for your wellbeing, helping your body and mind to unwind and recharge for the day ahead. Additionally, I recommend saffron and magnesium supplements before bedtime to support emotional wellbeing and muscle relaxation, contributing to a balanced and calm state of mind.

  1. Prioritise Your Mental Health: Taking care of your mental health lays the foundation for a resilient new year ahead. My top practices to support mental wellbeing include listening to mental health podcasts, switching off technology by 8:30 pm each night, letting go of the pressure to be perfect and practising affirmations such as ‘My body is strong and thrives on balance.’ You can find more beautiful affirmations from the JSHealth team here

Once again, thank you immensely for your unwavering love and support for our brand this year. We’ll always strive to be the nourishing and nurturing force that is there for you every step of the journey. Caring for you feels so effortless. 

Whether it’s through our vitamin formulations or our philosophy, your wellbeing remains our utmost priority – now and always.

Thank you for trusting us. You truly inspire me daily.

With so much warmth,

Jess x


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